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Where to get FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant)

Where to get a Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT)?

Info & reviews on worldwide FMT clinics, stool banks, and other sources of stool donors. Where to get FMT in the USA, Canada, etc. for C. difficile or other conditions or experiments.

There may be a few more not listed here due to lack of information on them. Any provider that doesn't have extensive public information is a very risky dice roll.

Everything you need to know about Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT).

There is no official source of FMT that can be blindly trusted. Including stool banks, clinical trials, hospitals, etc. All official sources of FMT have severe deficiencies in donor quality [1][2]. None provide proof of donor quality. Most don't even consider donor quality or put much effort into finding high-quality donors. They just use "the best they can find", which may not be better than the best you can find! The clinics don't track & report results, and stool banks & hospitals that do have significant deficits in their tracking & reporting. You must learn what it means to be a high quality donor and verify that the provided donor is high quality. If they will not verify that information with you, do not use them! You can assume that any provider that is not publicly tracking & reporting results has a large percentage of patients getting worse and developing new problems.

Where to get FMT for C. difficile

There are a large amount of clinics/doctors that provide stool and/or do the procedure themselves for C .diff:

Providers & trials (US & worldwide): - site seems to be down in 2020, but archive link works.

List of doctors in the US who do FMT:

The power of poop list: - some entries are outdated/undependable/no longer offering assistance with FMT.

OpenBiome stool bank. You can use their site to find doctors. Analysis of OpenBiome's safety and efficacy (2018).

You can also purchase directly from's donors. It's currently the lowest cost and highest quality option, and ships worldwide.

Where to get FMT for other conditions

Below are clinics and other providers where you can get FMT for things other than C. diff, and the info I have on them. It is an incomplete work-in-progress. Feel free to contribute to it on the Human Microbiome forum.

There are a variety around the world who do FMT themselves or refer you to tested donors. Most charge thousands of dollars and there are many reports of people paying that money and getting poor results or even being harmed. There is no relation between their cost and their quality. When I contact these clinics to try and get information to evaluate whether they're worth the money, they typically curtly decline. It seems they have more than enough desperate people coming with no questions asked that they don't bother with people who want answers first.

Most of these clinics do not have enough info on their sites for knowledgeable people to be able to vet their donors & procedures. For example, we need the kind of info in the screening questionnaire above for each clinic's donors. If you spend thousands of dollars without them proving to you that their donors & procedure are high quality you are not only gambling with your money, you are gambling with your life. In my experience, and from feedback from others, high quality donors are young (ideally under 25), athletic, zero-lifetime antibiotic usage, and have identical type 2-3 (NOT 4), dark, small, firm & dry stools.

When we do get to see more info like this video coverage of one of OpenBiome's donors we can see numerous problems, such as very low quality (type 5) stool, and a donor who in my opinion is not visibly in perfect health:

One of the most important things is actually seeing the whole stool, prior to processing. Otherwise you have no idea what the quality of the stool they are using is. Getting video/image coverage of the donors is also very helpful/important.

It seems that none of the major clinics in the US, AU, or UK have a good understanding of what makes a high quality donor, nor do they bother to collect enough data to determine the impact (safety & efficacy) of each donor. And their patients regularly post about horrible outcomes on social media.

Some of these clinics seem to be over-processing the stool. I have not seen any data suggesting this is needed/beneficial. And to the contrary, there is data suggesting that there are a wide variety of beneficial organisms and compounds in whole stool [1][2]. And processing can lead to detrimental exposures like oxygen, which kills anaerobes. Many people have reported good results from DIY at home, and those are with zero processing. Thus my current opinion is that fresh, whole stool containing all microbes and microbial byproducts in their natural environment is the best.

We encourage you to document your experiences on our forum.

Be very weary of some of the Facebook groups. They are riddled with scammers, paid astroturfers, and harmful misinformation. The biggest FMT group is controlled by scammers, as is another one for "FMT for Autism". The same group of scammers has raided the /r/FMTClinics sub in the past, and more recently has been branching out over more of Reddit with their targeted harassment & disinformation campaign against people who exposed them.

I created this list many years ago when looking for high quality sources of FMT for myself. In late 2020 I started up due to the significant deficiencies covered in this wiki section.

FMT Clinics:

Cost comparison of a few of the main clinics:

Discussion here on possible reasons for poor results from the clinics and OpenBiome:

Taymount Clinic:

Multiple locations - UK, Bahamas.

Taymount Clinic reviews and experiences.

After many people reported detrimental outcomes at Taymount they started making patients sign an NDA, agreeing not to publish any comments on social media without Taymount's approval: There have also been numerous reports of patients being sent legal threats by Taymount after reporting poor outcomes at the clinic.

12/09/2018: Some very useful info about Taymount's donors. Pretty much confirms all my concerns about their donors. There's a zero percent chance all those people are safe and effective donors. That many donors coming and going certainly helps to explain some of the widely varying results people get from them. And Taymount's protocol of using a different donor each day for 10 days doesn't allow them to know which donors are safe or effective. It also gives us a peek at their questionnaire, which of course is also a joke - "no chemotherapy in last 3 months". My god.

This July 2019 publication gives additional info/confirmation about donor screening/criteria:

Sep 2020 case report for Multiple Sclerosis

Procedure details:

They do FMT via enema only. Prep is colon cleansing via magnesium oxide salts, then colon hydrotherapy. They use the technique that replaces air with nitrogen when filtering the microbes during donor stool prep. They homogenize & filter out all the food almost down to microbe level size. They use a centrifuge to separate microbes. Then freeze.

In this video they refer to the process as "the full 10 days": - this is likely way too short a time period for many/most people/conditions.

Taymount's standard procedure is to do 1 transplant from a different donor each day for 10 days over 2 weeks. In theory getting 10 different donors has its benefits, but only if they're all high quality. And current reports are poor and suggest they are not. Using this method there is no way for them to determine which donors are having what impacts. It doesn't allow them to judge the safety and efficacy of each donor.

Sounds likely that it's over-processed: -

11/25/2017: Adrienne Grierson, who is making a film on FMT, says that both Taymount locations use the same donors, and the stool is shipped to the Bahamas from the UK, but there is no verification of this on their site.

5/13/2018: Taymount announces (via facebook) that they're opening a new location in Canada, and they'll be using frozen stool shipped from the UK location (so same donors).

11/25/2017: Taymount says lots of nice things about their donors that most laypeople find very convincing, but I haven't seen any strong evidence that their donors are high quality. We need to see the stool types and the questionnaire info for the donors. Video coverage of donors is very helpful.

01/15/2017: Taymount declined to allow patients to verify donor quality prior to committing to thousands of dollars for treatment.

Here's an example of the kind of clueless, deceptive/highly biased type of person employed by Taymount: - this article is full of ignorance and misinformation (which is thoroughly debunked throughout this wiki), and topped off with this ludicrous, unsupported statement at the end: "The implants that patients receive at our clinic contain an ideal balance of everything that makes up a healthy gut microbiome".

Dove Clinic, UK:

Dove clinic uses stool/donors provided by Taymount.

This is a publication by them:

A Retrospective Outcome Study of 42 Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, 30 of Whom had Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Half were treated with oral approaches, and half were treated with Faecal Microbiome Transplantation (July 2019) "the FMT group improved to a greater extent"

Dr Paul Froomes, AU:

It seems they've moved to

Previously at:

They give multiple antibiotics prior, for 10 days:

Center for Digestive Diseases (CDD), AU:

Thomas Borody's (a leading FMT researcher) clinic in Sydney, AU.

Here's a detailed 2011 paper titled "Treating Clostridium difficile Infection with Fecal Microbiota Transplantation" he published, but things might have changed since then:

2015 one titled Fecal microbiota transplantation: A ‘How-To’ guide for nurses

Published papers:

Donor quality/requirements seem very poor:

According to a patient, the cost in 2021 is $11,500. Includes Vancomycin 10 days before, colon washout, 30 enemas to do at home - recommended to start out with daily enemas for the first week, then taper off.

Dr Jorge Llamas, Mexico:
Paseo Ensenada 1912, Playas de Tijuana
Tijuana, Baja California 22000
+52 664 680 1484

It was reported on Facebook that this doctor treated 20 families. Only one person saw improvements. The doctor wouldn't answer questions or give evidence of donor quality. The patients had a sample of donor stool tested and said it was "lacking diversity, the bacterial count was reduced, the bacterial viability was almost null ( mostly all dead bacteria ) and the Ph was off". Permalink.

Dr. Dariusz Korolik, Poland:

400 EUR for 1 deep retention enema. Not too much info on donors or outcomes.

Commercial stool providers:

RDS infusions, Florida:

The clinic closed as of early-mid 2019, but you can still order directly from their donors. - info (at)

Video coverage of the clinic, one of their donors, and some of their processing methods:

They were giving Neomycin antibiotic for 7 days:

Michael Garcia, one of their donors, deals directly with people as well and has his own website:

Their other known donor is "AR".

For anything other than C. diff they will not do the FMT, but will refer you to their tested donors. 11/25/2017

Probably the most affordable clinic: $80 per infusion and $10 per capsule. Dry ice shipping is the most expensive part - $160. The infusions seem more cost-effective for the amount you get.

I emailed them about their procedure & donor quality and they wouldn't provide info without paying for a consult ($300) 11/25/2017. And even after the consult I didn't feel that most of my questions were answered.

From the Buzzfeed article it seems like they have one or more low quality donors, and possibly one or more high quality donors.

This interview has some info: - I found their stated donor criteria laughable.

12/18/2017: Horrible experience, and other info: ships stool worldwide. It's run by someone in Spain, but now seems to have numerous people backing/profiting off of it. Results are not being tracked and reported, and thus, like most other options, it cannot be trusted.

They make unsupported "super donor" claims, and put up other seemingly-ungenuine testimonials on their site. The sparse and brief experience reports have seemed 50/50 positive/negative (Update as of April 2022 it seems about ⅓rd report benefits, ⅓rd report no difference, and ⅓rd get worse). Some experiences & reviews are listed on

I am including the following statement because I've seen people spreading baseless claims that have the potential to cause harm, and which have been the complete opposite of my experience and observations:

I worked/volunteered with Microbioma for ~2 years [1][2]. My personal experience with them was that they are not scientific or knowledgeable. They had the platform, and I had the knowledge & expertise. I helped set up the English version of the website, and ran the North America portion independently. I put my own money, and hundreds of hours, into finding & screening donors. I had the option to use their donor for free, due to the 2 years of volunteer work I did for them, but declined to do so due to the above issues. Just because someone is willing to provide advice doesn't mean that advice is sound.

2021-07-20 update: WARNING. "Ivan Watson" alias of the person running it, has resorted to blatant lies in order to sell his product. - Archived. Direct link to album. Album link at another host.

He then tried to scrub the internet of all evidence exposing him. He got the Reddit post removed for "posting personal information", and got the imgur links taken down (false copyright claim)

2021-08-03: He hired a lawyer to threaten me to take down all the information. Obviously I will not. Unfortunately, his legal threats have been successful in getting some Facebook FMT groups to censor themselves in his favor.

2021-12-14: More people keep using and getting eczema. Absolutely mind-boggling.

2021-12-23: More people getting worse from Microbioma. Plus, the admin of the biggest FMT Facebook group seems to have been bought out.

2022-01-19: And again. Plus, more retaliation.

More info at full history and review. Including someone who previously posted false attacks admitting that Microbioma is paying & incentivizing people to do it.

A number of questionable accounts had previously submitted a handful of positive experience reports to /r/FMTClinics, which various users questioned the veracity of. I left them all up (they're still up, and I've never removed a review from that sub yet) for people to decide and discuss for themselves. But after some of the users joined in the dishonest & malicious pro-Microbioma behavior, they were banned from the sub.

The people behind this have now proven themselves to be straight up scammers, going to incredibly unethical lengths to sell their product to ignorant people. By far, they have the most reports of people getting worse. By far, they have overtaken the previous #1 in regards to astroturfing, making & using fake accounts, hiring people to do so, etc. Yet everything they're doing seems to be entirely effective. So much so that they've been able to further increase their prices due to high demand. Anyone still associating themselves with this outfit has lost all credibility.

They've now branched out all over Reddit and Facebook with dozens of accounts executing a targeted harassment & disinformation campaign against people who exposed them. "Sue Pa" seems to be a ringleader and has been acting like Ivan's alt account ever since he was exposed to be a serial liar. Her behavior has been completely irrational ever since she popped up on the scene, and she's had a dozen accounts banned on Reddit.

Human Microbes:

I started up in late 2020 due to the significant deficiencies covered in this wiki section. We ship worldwide and have possible donors in many countries.

Here's a 10 minute video covering some of my history, goals, motivations, etc.:

As of May 2023, we've had over half a million donor applicants, and have screened hundreds of thousands, including hundreds of college and professional athletes. I'm looking for some very specific criteria that I think represent an eubiotic, unperturbed, curative gut microbiome, and thus would be highly effective for many conditions other than C. diff. Out of the first ~25,000 applicants, there were only two that I deemed promising enough to try. They've been used by around a hundred people now. I didn't benefit from the first one, but did from the second. Others have benefited from both, or more from one and less from the other.

Our donors are higher quality and more affordable than all other sources. Even after a significant recent price increase.

We have donors of all ages -- I think it's more ideal to match young recipients with young donors.

Other than clinical trials, Human Microbes is the only source that is publicly and systematically tracking and reporting results (see spreadsheet on Orders page). We've screened the most donors of anyone in the world. We have the highest donor standards that exist anywhere. Up until recently we had the lowest costs (by far) that existed anywhere, but we're still near the lowest, and arguably the lowest since we accept means testing. I would argue that we're run by one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the gut microbiome, FMT, and human health & development; who also has genuine, desperate interest in improving people's health because I see current society as a dystopia that can only be improved by improving people's health & function.

I'm determined to find a good enough donor to cure myself and everyone else.

Defunct providers:

Jason Klop:

Previously FMT Solution LLC, Mexico. Now he's expanded to numerous locations and also Novel Biome |

Jason Klop (naturopath) seems to be the main person running this project right now.

Mark Davis (naturopath) was said to be involved at some level previously. Mark Davis: -

Very very expensive. $15,000 for 10 days of treatment. As of 2020 it's now $15,000 for 16 weeks of treatment. No info about donor quality.

12/10/2017: Not willing to help patients verify donor & procedure quality prior to the transplants. Not willing to help reduce costs in any way.

People have reported that he promised to provide them donor quality information after they paid, and then did not, even once at the FMT retreat.

More reviews, experiences, feedback, and warnings:

Jan 2020 CBC article:

Follow up article stating the B.C. Naturopathic Association (BCNA) voted to suspend Klop's membership

In late 2020 Jason Klop started up another similar website: Novel Biome |

Aug 2021: Naturopath banned from selling pills, enemas made from feces after complaint they were made in 'household lab'

Oct 2021: The source of stool is his nephew:

Nov 2021: Investigation widens into B.C. naturopath's fecal transplants for autism, court documents show

July 2023: Jason Klop says he plans to shift his business from providing these unproven treatments to exclusively manufacturing FMT for treating C. difficile. Klop has not explained how he plans to do that when he is currently banned from producing and marketing FMT by his professional college.

Nov 2023: Naturopath, Jason Klop, loses licence after selling and promoting fecal transplants for autistic kids. Klop has also agreed to a fine after admitting to violating professional standards

Flora Medicine, OR

They used to provide FMT for C. diff but shut down some time in 2023.

Queensland FMT, AU:

Seems to be down as of 2022.

Dr. Paul Froomes.

Mandatory antibiotics prior to the FMT.

Enema only, costing $400 per enema.

Donor criteria look poor.

Steve Baskin's

Another project started up in the community that initially had wide community support, but then the founder went off the rails:

06/06/2021: Apparently it's now shut down shortly after it started up.

Newbery Medicine, Argentina:

Newberry is closing down 4/18/2018.

"Healthy stool is mixed with saline solution and then ultra-filtered to extract everything except the microorganisms." Via rectal route only.

I emailed them about their procedure & donor quality and they wouldn't provide info. 11/25/2017

This interview has some info: - looks like they have a preference for fresh stool, which is good, but they said they're building a frozen bank. And not enough info about donor selection.

This guy is doing FMT at Newbery for Ulcerative Colitis:

Mediocre improvements from 5 implants:

FMT for IBS-D at Newbery Medicine (failure):